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South East Arborists LTD is the perfect destination for anyone looking for first class tree surgery in West Sussex. We help both domestic and commercial customers to ensure their gardens are well maintained and their trees are healthy and tidy. Our tree surgeons in West Sussex have over 15 years’ experience, all of the relevant NPTC qualifications and full insurance. You can never expect anything less than outstanding customer service from our professional, friendly and punctual team.

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Why Do I Need a Tree Surgeon?

Anybody who wants to keep their garden or premises tidy, safe and healthy, without putting themselves in danger, needs a tree surgeon. If you are a business owner with your landscape on display, a tree surgeon can ensure you always make an excellent first impression, by keeping your premises looking as inviting as possible.

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Tree Surgeons in West Sussex and Midhurst



Tree Consultancy

At South East Arborists LTD, our tree consultants can provide you with expert advice on creating the perfect environment for you or your business. We carry out in depth tree surveys and report back to you on matters relating to the health, safety, species and structure of your trees. By carrying out a detailed survey, we can recommend precisely what work might need to be done in order to improve the health of your trees, or to achieve the landscape alterations you are looking for.




Tree felling is the process of cutting down individual trees. If your trees are overhanging a certain property, blocking planned property developments or are too damaged to be healed, we can safely and effectively remove trees for you.


Crown Reduction

Crown reductions enable you to reduce the size of a tree’s crown, while maintaining the natural shape of the tree. This type of tree reduction is an effective way to remove dead, diseased or damaged branches from your tree, or to prevent trees from obstructing neighbouring properties or telephone lines.


Crown Raising

By removing some of the lower branches of a tree, it is possible to lift the base height of the crown. This method of tree reduction increases the amount of clearance from the ground a tree has, which can be extremely useful if you need to allow vehicles or people to pass underneath a tree. In order to ensure no damaging wounds are inflicted on a tree, you should never attempt this without the guidance of professional tree surgeons. 


Thinning involves selectively removing branches from a tree to reduce the number and thickness of tree branches in a crown. This type of tree reduction can allow more light to reach the core of the branches and improve air circulation, to improve the overall health of your tree. Thinning is also carried out to improve the stability of a tree, to ensure your surroundings are safe, even in times of high winds or storms.



Removing deadwood as branches die is important to ensure your safety, as dead branches can otherwise decay and fall off when you are not expecting it. This can be accelerated by extreme temperatures or high winds, so give us a call and let our tree surgeons in West Sussex ensure your surroundings stay safe throughout the winter.



Trees are extremely important for our environment and our well-being. Every time you remove a tree, it is highly recommended you replant another tree of your choice. We can advise what species is right for you and take care of the planting for you.




We are based in Midhurst and offer tree surgery and gardening services to domestic and commercial customers within a 30-mile radius.
So, if you’re looking for an expert tree surgeon in West Sussex, get in touch!